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4 Warning Signs Of A Blocked Sewer Pipe

A clog in your main sewer line can cause a lot of headaches as a homeowner, and result in problems draining tubs, toilets, sinks, and more. But how can you tell when your sewer pipe is blocked? What’s the difference between a sewer pipe clog and a clog in one of your other drain pipes? Find out in this guide from Wilco Relining, and learn how to recognize the common signs of a blocked sewer line.

1. “Bubbling” Or “Percolating” Sounds Coming From Multiple Drains

You may notice that your house is making bubbling or “percolating” sounds like a coffee pot. This usually happens after you flush a lot of water down a drain – such as when you use a washing machine and it drains.

You may hear multiple drains throughout your home “bubbling.” This happens when water, air, or both are having trouble draining through your main sewer line, and indicates the early stage of a blockage.

2. Water Around The Basement Floor Drain

Your home’s drain system is sort of like a tree. Multiple “branches” from toilets, sinks, and other appliances drain down toward the “trunk”, which is the sewer drain.

And when a clog happens in the sewer drain, the blockage causes overflow starting with the lowest drains, since the water doesn’t have to flow as far. If you have a basement, this is usually the basement drain. If you notice water around basement floor drains – as well as other basement drinks like a utility sink – this could indicate a blocked sewer pipe.

3. Multiple Slowly-Draining Or Backed Up Toilet, Shower/Tub, Or Sink Drains

If you have just one clogged drain and the others seem unaffected, this means it’s a localized issue with that particular drain.

But if you have multiple drains that are backed up and draining slowly, the problem likely lies with the main line – it’s highly unlikely that all of these drains were individually clogged at the same time.

4. Foul Smells Coming From Backed-Up Drains

Your main sewer line collects all of the wastewater from your home, and that includes everything you flush down the toilet. A sure sign that the sewer is the issue is if backed-up water in a tub, shower, or sink is brownish, discoloured, and smelly – this almost always indicates a significant issue with your sewer line.

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