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strata pipe relining

    The most efficient and effective solution for strata plumbing responsibility.

    Wilco Relining is ready to provide strata managers with exceptionally tailored solutions. Our pipe relining technology will solve most of your plumbing issues including blocked drains caused by roots infestation as well as cracked or leaking drains.

    Plumbing problems could be detrimental to your profession especially if you are a strata, real estate, or building manager. With that in mind, we have decided to come up with a tailored pipe relining solution to serve you better. We understand that your ultimate goal is to keep all your tenants happy so that they will continue living in your building indefinitely. With our pipe relining experts, we are able to provide timely delivery of service because we know that minimising disturbance within your environment is crucial.

    Since our pipe relining technique does not require any dig-up, we can guarantee that work can be done without making too much of a mess. Going with the usual pipe repair involving dig-ups certainly sounds ancient and can potentially create new issues. This proves true whether the initial problem was a blocked drain, a burst pipe, or even a leaking pipe.

    Our services vary from relining entire pipes to only relining particular junctions. Our pipe relining plumbers are ready to help you with any question you may have.

    pipe relining benefits

    no digging required
    Our pipe relining technology does not require any digging as our state-of-the-art tool can be used to reline pipes through multiple access points.
    35 year guarantee
    Our pipe relining is designed to be tough. This enables us to offer you a 35-year guarantee
    4x stronger than PVC
    The new pipe within your old one is at least 4 times stronger than your regular PVC pipe.

    important information for Strata

    Serving the Niche

    A specialised team with the objective of providing as much ease as possible to strata and building managers


    We can arrange meetings to discuss your options and project the outcome of each to help you to pick the best solution


    Immediate work can be done if required

    High Inclusiveness

    Our strata relining team is also able to further discuss the price of the project so that you get the best deal out of it

    35-year Guarantee

    We provide ongoing after sales services such as a 35-year material guarantee and regular inspections

    Extra Support

    Our team can communicate through your preferred means to inform your tenants of any ongoing work

    Providing All Strata Plumbing Services

    Our services are not limited to just one type of dwelling, we are able to provide services to all included on the list below and more!

    • Buildings
    • Town houses
    • Apartment blocks
    • Condominiums

    Other Pipe And Drain Services We Offer Include

    Other than relining, we also provide assistance to all your plumbing issues. We specialise in drain blockages, thus doing the following in excellence is what we pride on:

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    Sydney’s Trenchless Drain Solution Specialists

    Wilco Relining takes lead in Sydney’s pipe relining solution with our masterful ranks of experienced plumbers. These professional plumbers have been properly trained, certified, and licensed to take on any relining work. We offer a lifetime workmanship guarantee as evidence of our relining expertise.

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    We are Specialists in Trenchless Pipe Relining

    Our team is licensed and highly qualified to take on any type of pipe relining work - no matter what property or establishment.