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Industrial pipe relining

We understand the big responsibility of industrial facilities, thus our industrial plumbing team is ready with carefully tailored solutions for you

Among many industrial plumbing contractors in the region, Wilco Relining is one of the few industrial drainage and pipework companies that are equipped with the capability to perform pipe relining on industrial pipes. This technology is often referred to as the trenchless drain repair method as it requires no dig-up which eventually diminishes the need to restore any dig-up. This solution is perfect for industrial facilities as they are known to be bigger than normal establishments, thus abolishing the need to do any dig-up, resulting in a substantial amount of savings.

What is industrial plumbing and how is it different?

Industrial plumbing’s main difference is in its scale compared to any other kind of plumbing. Aside from that, due to the nature of industrial facilities, time management is far more of the essence than in other sectors. We understand the importance of time sensitivity in the industry and our solution allows industrial businesses to minimise downtime and prioritise productivity and efficiency.

Pipe relining is the perfect solution because it saves the industrial sector money while positively contributing to the life cycle of a plant. Work, depending on the scale, can mostly be done within a day. Our pipe relining technology can reline connected pipes of different sizes and positions in one go. Without a doubt, it is the best industrial drain unblocker available in the market.

If you’re looking for the right industrial plumbing company who can give you the best solution for your industrial plumbing pipes of any size, then you have come to the right place. Contact us for a chat with our experts today!

pipe relining benefits

no digging required
Our pipe relining technology does not require any digging as our state-of-the-art tool can be used to reline pipes through multiple access points.
35 year guarantee
Our pipe relining is designed to be tough. This enables us to offer you a 35-year guarantee
4x stronger than PVC
The new pipe within your old one is at least 4 times stronger than your regular PVC pipe.

Industrial Pipe Relining Benefits

One-Stop Reline Shop

From different sizes to different pipework positions, our pipe relining technology can fix any of them without requiring extensive dig-up.

Complicated bends? No Problems

No matter how bent the junctions of the pipes are, our smart relining technology can easily navigate through your complicated industrial piping system.

Applicable to All Pipes

From small to big pipes, our relining plumbing experts can reline them for you, the liner is so thin yet so strong.

Regular Checks

After the reline project is completed, we still come to check its condition regularly and we immediately take action if needed.

Careful Planning

Diagnosis is a crucial part of any reline project. Miscalculation during this stage could be devastating. Our industrial plumbing team is fully equipped with sophisticated tools and expert knowledge to ensure the process is smooth and effective.

Save Time & Money

Spend less time and money without extensive dig-up required, and enjoy the stronger and guaranteed pipes so you can focus on your core business.

We specialise in all sections of Industrial Plumbing and Pipe Relining

Our services are not limited to just one type of industrial business, we are able to provide services to all included on the list below and more!

  • Factories
  • Plants
  • Warehouses
  • Mills

Other Pipe And Drain Services We Offer Include

Other than relining, we also provide assistance to all your plumbing issues. We specialise in drain blockages, thus doing the following in excellence is what we pride on:

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Trenchless Relining Solutions to Suit Your Industrial Needs

Our state-of-the-art pipe relining technology is the most suitable solution to your industrial drain issues. We pride ourselves on our expertise in diagnosing and solving drainage, especially regarding our pipe relining work. We have had the pleasure of relining many industrial business’ pipes and we take pleasure in being able to solve the issues without disrupting their business activities.

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