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What Pipes Can We Reline?

    Can we reline bends and junctions?

    Our advanced pipe relining and repairing technology allows us to work on complicated pipework coming from multiple directions. Wilco Relining’s trenchless process starts and ends with an in-depth CCTV camera scoping through the pipes to properly identify the issues and then make sure that everything has been solved. In between, we clear out any blockages in the pipes and drains through some high-pressure hosing, and then we apply our pipe relining material to the damage anywhere along the length of the pipe system, and after a short curing period, you’re good to go!

    The short version is: Yes, we can reline multiple bends and junctions in any configuration with a one-piece liner, as well as all sorts of pipes from PVC, earthenware, copper, concrete, asbestos, and more! And we do it all without digging on your property so that it’s more affordable yet less invasive and messy than traditional plumbing.

    What types of pipework are we able to reline?

    The material we use for pipe relining is versatile, non-corrosive, and 4x stronger than PVC. This allows us to use it to address issues for a wide assortment of pipes in residential, commercial, and industrial settings, and proudly offer a 35-year guarantee on all our pipe relining work.

    Our pipe relining technology can solve issues on the following:

    • Host Pipes
    • Broken Lines
    • Misaligned Pipes
    • 45- And 90-degree Bends
    • Reducers
    • P- And S-bend Traps
    • Single-point Entries
    • Insufficient Flow
    • Down Pipes
    • Horizontal, Vertical, Or Sloped Pipes
    • Customised Pipes
    • Underwater Pipes
    • Pressure Pipes
    • Boundary Traps
    • Sprinkler Distribution Pipework
    • Pipe Extension
    • Old Pipes (such As Those In Preserved Buildings)
    • Pinholes
    • Storm Water Drains
    • Grease Drains
    • Chemical Drains And Pipes, As Used In Laboratories

    Materials we can work with are polyvinyl chloride (PVC), chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC), copper, galvanized steel, cross-linked polyethylene (PEX), ABS (usually in older structures), and cast-iron pipes and fittings.

    What size drains are suitable for pipe relining?

    Because the relining technology Wilco Relining uses to repair your pipework is very adaptable, it can be used in an array of pipes, through any size of drain or access point. Whether that means a standard kitchen or bathroom drain, or a 48-inch or larger drain such as those present in municipal style sewers and systems, we can work on it.

    In terms of pipe diameters and lengths, Wilco Relining treatment works on lines that are 40mm to 250mm wide, and as long as 50 metres or more. Clients should keep in mind that once the relining material is installed,there will be a decrease in diameter by 6mm. But don’t worry though; adding the liner has no negative impact on the pipe’s capacity and may actually make the water flow more efficiently and smoothly.

    Other Pipe And Drain Services We Offer Include

    Other than relining, we also provide assistance to all your plumbing issues.
    We specialise in drain blockages, thus doing the following in excellence is what we pride on:

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    If you’ve finally had enough of backed-up pipes, clogged drains, and all the frustrating, disgusting, and possibly unsanitary problems that go along with faulty pipework, then you definitely should give Wilco Relining a call.
    We can inspect your pipe systems with or CCTV cameras and figure out if and how our skilled experts and advanced pipe relining technology can address your problem and dispel your plumbing-related nightmares.
    Let’s talk and we’ll see how we can get your pipework flowing like new!

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