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Commercial pipe relining

    We lift the weights off your shoulders with our expert commercial plumbing expertise.

    Our goal is to provide the most effecttive, easy solutions to a complicated system in the commercial sector. This is achievable through our pipe relining technology which allows you to focus on running your daily operations while we take care of your drainage problems for good. We give you the utmost peace of mind by paying close attention to documenting and ensuring that you fulfill your duty flawlessly by hiring Wico Relining as your pipe relining experts.

    Pipe Relining: The Best Choice for Commercial Plumbing

    Pipe relining is the best choice for commercial drainage issues because it is the single solution to a wide variety of drainage problems the commercial sector is prone to. In one relining “shot” we can reline pipes of different sizes and positions, simplifying the whole commercial drainage and sewer repair process. Many pipes are sectioned in a complicated manner, and digging up to replace all of them one by one is a very difficult, tedious, and expensive process, not to mention the restoration process that follows.

    On top of that, you enjoy the benefit of having brand new pipework that is 4 times stronger than PVC which comes with a 35-year guarantee. Our relining experts are happy to perform regular inspections to ensure that everything is fine, and we take action immediately if something is not right.

    Furthermore, the relining process is done at very minimal disruption due to a reduction in noise and mess compared to traditional plumbing repairs. This makes sure that none of your tenants will be disturbed too much and they can continue going about their daily business.

    pipe relining benefits

    no digging required
    Our pipe relining technology does not require any digging as our state-of-the-art tool can be used to reline pipes through multiple access points.
    35 year guarantee
    Our pipe relining is designed to be tough. This enables us to offer you a 35-year guarantee
    4x stronger than PVC
    The new pipe within your old one is at least 4 times stronger than your regular PVC pipe.

    Commercial Pipe Relining Benefits

    One Solution to Rule Them All

    Multiple pipes fixed in one go? Why not? That is just the way we do it!

    Bends in the pipes? Not A Problem

    Multiple bends within pipes can cause a lot of problems to dig up, but our pipe relining technology can even cover 90 degrees bends!

    Pipes of All Kinds

    Whatever the pipe is made of and for a wide range of sizes, our commercial plumbers can reline it for you.

    Follow-up Check-ups

    We’re able to come back to our past commercial plumbing projects to make sure relined pipes are in good condition.

    Advanced Diagnosis

    We inspect your drain using our special CCTV camera to fully understand the condition of your pipes before commencing any work.


    With no dig-up and restoration work, we can reduce the amount of time required for the project to a very minimum.

    Providing All Commercial Plumbing Services

    Our services are not limited to just one type of business, we are able to provide services to all included on the list below and more!

    • Shopping Malls
    • Schools
    • Office Buildings
    • Aged-care Facilities

    Other Pipe And Drain Services We Offer Include

    Other than relining, we also provide assistance to all your plumbing issues. We specialise in drain blockages, thus doing the following in excellence is what we pride on:

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    Our state-of-the-art trenchless sewer repair is popular due to the efficiency and minimal amount of disturbance caused. Choose our commercial drain repair and solve your issues in a timely manner.

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