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Signs that You May Have a Tree Root Obstruction in Your Pipes

    Is there a tree root clogging your sewer lines?

    There are many reasons why your drains and pipes may be clogged, and a very common complaint is when tree roots grow through your sewer and water lines. Left alone, this unfortunate situation can lead to a whole mess of headaches that may negatively affect your property and even your health. This page is here to inform you about the issues that come with having tree roots damage your pipes.

    What are the effects of tree root intrusions

    The aforementioned problem usually develops when tree roots, attracted by the nutrient-rich water flowing through the pipes, start to invade your plumbing system. You can prevent this by consulting a plumber before planting any shrubs or trees. However, if you weren’t able to do that and roots start to intrude in your pipes, you can expect some rather unhappy effects starting to sprout around your plumbing. Here are just a few of the more notable dilemmas relating to roots in pipes:

    Sink holes

    Property owners don’t have too many visual “tells” that tree roots, specifically, are encroaching into their plumbing but the presence of sink holes is a very significant one. When roots break into sewer lines, you will notice your some areas in the soil breaking and filling in with water which are basically sink- or mudholes. This can be dangerous as someone might injure themselves walking into a grass- or leaf-covered pool.

    Unusual tree-growing patterns

    Trees typically grow in a relatively steady pace but if you notice that certain trees or shrubs are growing unusually healthier or faster than others of the same kind, there may be an underlying plumbing issue because it’s likely getting nutrients from another source than others.

    Bad odours

    Blocked sewer pipes can produce disgusting smells akin to sulfur or rotten eggs, among others. The stagnant water that collects because of the obstruction in the pipes can permeate across the house, giving the home a musty, unsanitary atmosphere.

    Insects breeding

    When there are tree roots in pipes (and other causes for water flow stoppage), the standing water will attract insects like mosquitoes and flies which lay eggs in water. Not only are these critters bothersome, they can also bring a number of diseases into the area.

    Mould and mildew build-up

    Other health hazards that you’re at risk for when tree roots intrude on your pipes are moulds and mildew growing around the house. When areas of the house are damp and moist because of the water collecting instead of flowing, you’re likely to develop a mould problem, leading to some health issues.


    Blocked or cracked pipes because of tree roots growing into sewer pipes can result to leaks and floods, and considerable damage to property. Aside from these, wading in dirty water such as sewer backflow) is unsanitary and may cause some infectons.

    How can Wilco Relining clear your tree root intrusions and blockages?

    Consulting with a plumbing expert and planning one’s garden around on the property’s utilities and sewer systems are the top ways to decrease the chances of having to deal with this issue in the future. But if you’re already experiencing it now, Wilco Relining can clear your pipes of tree root intrusions, no problem!
    Here’s how we do it:

    Step 1 - Inspect the damaged pipework

    Using our CCTV cameras and scopes, we can easily determine if there really are tree roots clogging up the property’s pipework without having to dig a single hole. The camera will help the plumber determine the location of the blockage, as well as what type of damage the roots have actually caused.

    Step 2 - High-pressure jetblast the pipework

    Even loosening the roots from where they’ve gone through the pipes requires no digging. We’ll come in with a hydro-jet to blast through the pipes, obliterating the roots and other foreign objects causing obstructions within the plumbing.

    Step 3 - Trenchless reline the pipework

    Finally, because the pipework is likely to have some holes and cracks thanks to the intrusion of the roots, we’ll patch the pipes up with our state-of-the-art trenchless pipe relining technology. Again, no digging is necessary as we apply our non-corrosive reliners made of material that’s even 400% stronger than PVC.

    Ready to discuss a job?

    If you ticked all the boxes on having a tree root intruding into your pipes, don’t worry – Wilco Relining has your back on this. With our leading edge trenchless relining technology, our experienced experts can handle all the dirty work starting from diagnosing the problem with a CCTV camera, clearing the tree infestations and other debris with a high-pressure stream of water, to relining the damaged pipework.
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