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What is Brawoliner Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation?

    A primer to Brawoliner technology

    Here at Wilco Relining, we often refer to a state-of-the-art trenchless pipe relining technology, and you may have been wondering what exactly it is that we’ve been using to help solve your problems with damaged pipes, clogged drains, tree root intrusion into plumbing system, and the like. We’re glad to tell you that our partner in repairing your pipework is Brawoliner Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation!

    Brawoliner Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation

    Brawoliner describes itself as “fast, cost-efficient, and durably leak-free.” As proponents of this German-developed process, Wilco Relining stands by Brawoliner’s claims. We have been using its advanced technology to rehabilitate and repair pipes without having to excavate anything within your property and we proudly offer a 35-year guarantee on our services.

    Applications and benefits of the product

    Brawoliner is a no-dig pipework rehabilitation solution that offers a number of advantages over traditional plumbing and pipe replacement methods which almost invariably require digging to reveal the problems within the residential, commercial, industrial, and even municipal pipe system.
    Here are some uses and perks of using Brawoliner to fix your defective pipes:


    • Drainage rehabilitation – Brawoliner can be used to repair and improve problematic buried drainage systems to help water flow more efficiently and smoothly, and solve issues with exfiltration and infiltration.
    • Rehabilitation of pipe connections – Wilco Relining has used Brawoliner to perform tasks like extend pipes, improve flow and distribution, realign pipes, and fix void sections. Brawoliner has developed an entire system for cheap, durable, and permanent repair for junctions and connections.
    • In-house rehabilitation – Brawoliner can solve issues with leaking pipes while meeting all the requirements and following the rules surrounding in-house pipe rehabilitation.


    • Quicker process – Pipework and site rehabilitation is faster when you don’t have to excavate anything.
    • Versatility – Brawoliner was developed to be suitable for use with almost all types of pipe materials to address almost all types of damage and defects.
    • Durability – Used effectively and properly, relining with Brawoliner can last over 50 years.
    • Affordability – Open construction projects are likely to cost twice as much as those that use Brawoliner.
    • Less noise and dirt – Because there is no digging necessary, the Brawoliner process skips the waste and noise pollution usually involved in traditional pipe replacement and repair.

    How we utilize Brawoliner technology

    Step 1 - Inspect the damaged pipework

    To get started, we visit your site and let our robotic CCTV camera pass through your drain into the pipework to locate what’s causing the clogging or distribution issues.

    Step 2 - High-pressure jetblast the pipework

    We then clear out any debris that’s blocking the flow of water (or other liquids) using a high pressure water jet. We rarely, if at all, need to dig anything but for uncommon situations, we might require to dig a small hole although clients are assured that their site will be restored to its original state.

    Step 3 - Trenchless reline the pipework

    After clearing the pipes, we install the environmentally-safe Brawoliner felt liner into the defective pipe. You can see the step-by-step process we go through to repair your pipework and essentially give you a new, watertight pipe that can last you up to 50 years.

    Dig-up Repairs are a thing of the past

    Thanks to trenchless pipe relining technology, traditional dig-up pipe repair and replacement are now outmoded. Why stick with the old method when the new one is tested, and comes with tailored benefits?

    Flexible felt liner is measured then cut

    Epoxy resin mixture is prepared

    Measured liner is soaked in the resin

    Soaked liner is fed in to the Inversion Drum

    Inversion Drum inserts liner into the pipe

    Within hours, the reline is hardened

    Re-inspect the pipe system with the CCTV camera to see if it was successfully fixed

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