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How NOT To Unblock A Drain

At Wilco Relining, we’re experts in drain maintenance, repair, and relining in Australia. And we’ve seen a lot of blocked drains in Sydney – and a lot of DIY attempts to unblock them. So in this blog, we’ve put together a list of things NOT to do when you’re trying to unblock your own drain in Sydney. Read on and learn with us!

1. Getting A Blocked Drain In The First Place

Yes, it’s entirely possible to avoid blocked drains altogether. Here are a few common causes of drain blockages in different parts of your home.

2. Over-Using Chemical Drain Cleaners

Chemical drain cleaners can corrode your pipes over time with excessive use. While it’s okay to use them every once in a while, we recommend against prolonged use. Cleaning the clog away with a physical tool like a drain snake is usually more effective, anyway.

3. Using Homemade Tools

A wire coat hanger can unclog your toilet or drain in a pinch, but won’t be as effective as a drain snake, which you can pick up for a low cost at any hardware store. If you want to avoid calling a plumber, avoid using homemade tools – pick up a drain snake, and you’ll be able to eliminate most minor clogs on your own.

4. Using The Wrong Type Of Plunger For Your Drain

There are two types of plungers, and if you use the wrong one on your drain, it won’t be effective. For the best results, pick the right type of plunger for the job!

Toilet plungers – This type of plunger has a flared tip, which fits neatly into the drain opening of the toilet to create a strong seal. However, this tip makes them ineffective for clearing sink, tub, or shower drains.

Sink plungers – This type of plunger has a flat tip, which allows for a tight seal on flat tub, shower, and sink drains, but makes it harder to use on a toilet.

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