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How To Unblock A Drain Using A Snake (DIY)

Every property owner has dealt with a blocked drain situation at least once during their stay inside that property. Blocked drains happens more often than you think it does because almost every day the case where a foreign object enters the drains. A foreign object in this case is something that does not belong or is not supposed to go inside the drain, but is present inside the drain. These objects can cause a lot of problems in the drain, including water not coming out of your taps and even pipe burst. If it does come to pipe burst, you should immediately call a plumber to tend to the problem straight away before excessive flooding occurs to your property.  

Snaking is a method to unblock drains using an auger. The auger is a tool that is used to confront the blockage directly and removing it directly from the drain. The auger is often called the Plumber’s snake because it is a long flexible wire that can be extended with a twisting motion. Snaking is one of the more contemporary ways to clear a blocked drain and it can be done by almost anyone (with the help of the tool of course). 

Snakes are much-more powerful tools for unblocking drains than your regular plunger as they have been recently developed because of new advancements in technology and understanding of plumbing. However, it is important to keep in mind that snaking is very risky as they can damage your pipes and create more leaks. You need the proper knowledge and how-to of the tool. You start by manually inserting the snake into the drain, before begin uncoiling. The auger end moves further through the pipe until it can break through the blockage. Below we list down the complete step-by-step guide for how to use a plumber’s snake.

  1. Put some old towels or any piece of clothing that you don’t use beneath the pipes that you are working on. This is important to avoid any mess that you don’t want on your tap or sink.
  2. Remove p-trap that connects the sink to the main drain system inside your property. This bend is usually located underneath the sink or tap that is blocked. You can remove these trap by using your hands or with a wrench. 
  3. Insert the auger head into the pipe. It is important not to force it into the drain too hard. If you do, you could damage the pipe and cause more problems for yourself.
  4. Uncoil the snake using the handle. Rotate the handle slowly, at a constant pace, if you feel pressure, you probably have found the blockage.
  5. When you found the blockage, move and rotate the head back and forth and up and down. Break the blockage as thorough as possible to clear it. 
  6. Pull the snake out and reassemble the sink. Remember to check the auger head for any remains of the blockage and clean it.
  7. Once you’re done, check. If you have successfully clear the blockage, your sink should start functioning properly.

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