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What Is Causing Your Blocked Drain

Wondering what the common causes of blocked drains are? When it comes to clogs, pipes can be blocked by a number of different things – which may vary depending on whether the clog occurs in your kitchen sink, toilet, garbage disposal, shower, and so on. So in this guide from Wilco Relining, we’ll discuss a few common causes and contributing factors that can lead to blocked drains.

1. Cooking Grease And Fat In Kitchen Sinks

Grease and fat are liquid when hot, but solidify when they’re poured down the sink, and they can help “catch” other bits of food and form tough clogs over time.

2. Certain Foods (Coffee Grounds, Rice, Etc.) In Sinks & Garbage Disposals

Foods that expand greatly when wet, such as rice, bread and bread crumbs, coffee grounds, and other such foods are common causes of blocked kitchen sinks and garbage disposals.

3. Flushed Baby Wipes Or Feminine Hygiene Products In Toilets

Nothing except human waste and toilet paper should ever be flushed down the toilet. “Flushable” baby wipes are not flushable, and will not disintegrate properly in your plumbing, resulting in blockages. The same is true of other paper products like napkins and paper towels, as well as feminine hygiene products like tampons and pads.

4. Hair And Soap Scum In Showers And Bathtubs

Hair is a major cause of clogs. Once it’s rinsed down the drain, it combines with soap and soap scum to create tough clogs that can result in reduced water flow or a complete drain blockage. Using a commercially-available “hair catcher” in your shower can help with this issue.

5. Other Foreign Objects Flushed Or Dumped Down Drains

This is the most common if you have kids, who may (accidentally or purposefully) flush or dump random small objects down the drain or toilet. Make sure to always keep an eye on your kids, and warn them about putting things down the drain or flushing objects down the toilet.

6. Mineral Buildup From Hard Water

Hot water and cold water alike can contain large amounts of minerals like calcium and magnesium. This “hard” water can lead to mineral buildup that narrows your pipes over time. This usually won’t cause clogs on its own, but along with the above issues, it can be a contributing factor to blocked drains, since water flow will be restricted.

7. Tree Roots In Sewer Lines

This is rare, but may be the cause of your blocked drain if you notice that most or all of your drains are backing up. Tree roots in sewer lines can result in clogs that block up your entire plumbing system, or even broken pipes.

You’ll need to contact a professional plumber to clear drain blockage caused by tree roots. Pipe relining will also likely be necessary to repair the pipe and prevent further damage and blockages to your sewer drain pipes.

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