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Why Do Sewer Lines Become Clogged?

Your home’s sewer line, also known as the “drain line,” is what collects all of the drainage from your plumbing fixtures, such as toilets, sinks, and showers, as well as appliances like dishwashers and washing machines.

And while sewer line clogs are relatively rare compared to clogs in individual drains, they do happen. But why? In this blog from Wilco Relining, we’ll discuss a few of the most common things that may clog your sewer line.

1. Tree Roots

Tree roots are actually a very common cause of clogged sewer lines. Roots are drawn to oxygen and water, and are able to find very small cracks and openings in your sewer line, and then enter the line.

It’s possible for these roots to clog the sewer line on their own, but the biggest problem is that they will begin to catch other debris that may end up going down your sewer line – resulting in a clog over time.

2. Mineral Buildup

Sewer lines are built to last between 50-100 years. Most water in Sydney is not very “hard,” meaning it’s low in minerals like calcium and magnesium. But over time, minerals can still build up, narrowing the pipe and leading to a higher risk of a blockage.

3. Flushing Anything Except Toilet Paper & Human Waste (Foreign Objects, Wipes, etc.)

This is a very common problem. You should never flush anything in your toilet except toilet paper and human waste. Toilet paper breaks down into small flakes and pieces when it’s wet. “Flushable” wipes and other such paper products don’t do this, which can lead to drain clogs.

If you have kids, they may cause a clog by flushing small objects like toys, rubber balls, and other such things down the toilet, so make sure you discourage this behaviour.

4. Pouring Food Debris And Cooking Grease Down Your Kitchen Drain

Chunks of food debris can contribute to clogged sewer drains, particularly when combined with cooking grease. Liquid grease quickly solidifies as it travels down your drain, and is a magnet for other debris. Always scrape your plates and never pour liquid grease into the sink – dump it into the trash after it cools off.

5. Hair From Bathroom Sinks & Toilet, Shower Drains

Usually, this is only a problem combined with other factors on this list, like tree roots, cooking grease, and flushing foreign objects. But still, hair that goes down the bathroom sink or drain can end up stuck in your sewer drain – which leads to further clogs. Do your best to avoid getting hair in your drains, and consider investing in a “hair catcher” for your drain to keep it free of hair.

Got A Clogged Sewer Line? Wilco Relining Is Always Here To Help

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