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Pipe Relining vs Traditional Pipe Replacements

    Reasons why pipe relining rehabilitation is the superior method

    Pipe relining is a relatively new technology in Australia, compared to the more traditional drain or sewer pipe replacement procedure that requires excavation, but there are very good reasons why it’s becoming popular among property owners who need work done on their existing plumbing systems.

    Where does traditional plumbing fall short?

    Though traditional plumbing and pipe relining have similar goals – basically, to get one’s pipes and plumbing infrastructure working again, there are baggage that the older technology has that the newer one doesn’t.


    Traditional plumbing latter requires contractors to dig. This is a considerable concern when the location of the damaged pipes is under established buildings, gardens, and infrastructure. When major trenching is involved, property users and owners can expect their operations to be disrupted and the environment to be in disarray.

    Very involved process

    If you are in a hurry, the traditional method is not for you. Major plumbing works, especially in commercial buildings, require approval from the council or the water authority – this has to be lodged at least 20 days ahead to avoid delays. Water services are also required to inspect the site.

    Site restoration takes time

    After the plumbing issues have been addressed, the location will have to be filled and paved, covered up, or re-landscaped. Although paving or installing wooden floors may merely take a day or so, restoring a garden can even take longer than a few days.

    High expense

    Not only will clients have to expect to pay for the plumbing repair process, there are likely to be some notable cost add-ons to reinstate the site, especially if one wants to get it back to its former self.

    Can be a dangerous process

    Although contractors will adhere to safety measures, the risks of having an area where civilians pass, especially if the building is still in use during the process, excavated cannot be underscored.

    Takes longer

    Depending on the scope of the job, pipe relining can take up to 50% less time to complete than traditional planning. This means that the building or infrastructure’s operations can be reinstated far quicker than with traditional plumbing.

    Advantages of trenchless pipe relining

    Trenchless pipe repair (also known as pipe rehabilitation) has plenty of advantages over the older method of plumbing, making it the clear choice when it comes to a number of plumbing issues such as clearing blocked drains, patching up damaged pipes, and repairing the junctions where multiple pipes meet.

    no digging required
    Wilco Relining’s pipe relining technology uses a state-of-the-art no-dig tool that can reline pipes through multiple access points. No trenching needed!
    35 year guaruntee
    Our pipe relining is tough. We can back this claim up with a 35-Year Guarantee.
    4x stronger than PVC
    The new pipe within your older one is non-corrosive and at least 4 times stronger and sturdier than the average PVC pipe.

    Do-It-Yourself for small issues

    It usually takes a plumbing professional to sort out blocked outside drains, but for minor stoppages, you can apply a little know-how and some elbow grease to unblock your external drain.
    Don’t know where to get started with how to fix a blocked drain? Here are a few tips:

    How can Wilco Relining clear your tree root intrusions and blockages?

    Wilco Relining provides services with fully-equipped plumbers who are familiar with different kinds of sewage systems, and can ably use our relining technology to solve any drain pipe problem - without having to dig anything up!

    Step 1 - Inspect the damaged pipework

    Wilco Relining’s company of plumbers is well-versed in diagnosing a wide variety of pipework problems, using inspection, plumbing locating, and testing tools, in addition to years of experience and know-how.

    Step 2 - High-pressure jetblast the pipework

    If a regular hose on its highest pressure settings didn’t work, jetblasting the pipes will do the trick! Wilco Relining will apply fast and powerful streams of water that will surely loosen roots and other stubborn blockages from your pipers.

    Step 3 - Trenchless reline the pipework

    Using our state-of-the-art pipe relining technology means we won’t have to dig on your property when we reline your pipes to fix the damages caused by the tree root intrusion and broken pipes.

    Dig-up Repairs are a thing of the past

    Thanks to trenchless pipe relining technology, traditional dig-up pipe repair and replacement are now outmoded. Why stick with the old method when the new one is tested, and comes with tailored benefits?

    Quicker repairs

    From diagnosing the plumbing issues with a scope and CCTV, to installing the lining technology and allowing for curing time, Wilco Relining’s cutting edge trenchless relining process, without a doubt, produces results quicker than the typical plumbing method.

    Less Stress

    Because there’s no digging involved, property owners can rest assured that there will be minimal disruption on their operations, less environmental impact, and less messes when they sign up for trenchless relining services. No digging also means there’s little to no need for so many contractors coming and going onsite, and restoring the area after the relining are not going to be major concerns.

    Fewer Expenses

    Dig-up repairs mean higher excavation, restoration, equipment, and labour expenses. This is significantly diminished with trenchless pipe repair, leading to more savings for clients.

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    With a trenchless pipe relining technology endorsed by Sydney Water, you can be assured that we can help with any pipe relining needs you might have. Wilco Relining has the technology and expert manpower to address pipework and drain problems, whether big or small.
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